Xtabentún, Yucatecan alcohol

The name means “tangled vines that grow on stones”, and the taste is similar to anise, sweet with a hint of honey and a punch that reveals its alcoholic nature. It is of Mayan tradition and is fermented from the flower of the same name. Rivea corymbosa (also known as Turbina corymbosaas) is the scientific name for Xtabentun, the seeds of which, when ingested, can cause a feeling of euphoria and drowsiness due to its psychotropic nature.

According to the legend, it is about two women who lived in the same town many years ago. One was called Xtabay, who was popularly called Xkeban, which means “prostitute or woman of a bad reputation or one who gives her body for illicit love.” She was very beautiful and gave her body to whoever she wanted and made men fall in love. However, he was good-hearted and helped people most in need. The other woman was Utz-Colel, considered by many as a role model. Decent, well dressed, virtuous and from a good family, with an unblemished reputation and also a virgin. However, despite his purity, he was a cold person. He never helped the sick and despised the poor.

A beverage that you must try during your next trip to the peninsula


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