Xel-há, meaning and interesting facts

Etymologically, it is a Mayan word composed of xel, piece, entrance, and ha, water. This shows the importance that the Xel-Há cove had for this pre-Hispanic civilization as a natural shelter and commercial port.

Legend has it that the ancient Mayan gods decided to create something that would bring together in one place the best of nature with its wisdom, illusions and love of beauty. They were so amazed by its creation that they wanted to share it with all living beings on Earth. And to preserve Xel-Há, they left three guardians in charge: Huh ”, the iguana, Guardian of the Earth; “Chuc Kay”, the pelican, Guardian of Air, and “Kay Op”, the parrotfish, Guardian of Water. It is said that, to date, these mythological forces take care of the park and everyone who visits it.

Definitely, swimming with dolphins in Cancun and Riviera Maya is one of the most incredible experiences you can live in this life. Now, imagine being submerged together with these cetaceans and dozens of other marine species!

Did you know that Xel-Há is the most sustainable water park in the world? And it is that since 2009 it received the EarthCheck Certification, becoming the first park to be recognized by this seal of global sustainability.

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