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Final year Bak and his colleagues, together with Dr. Suvarna Alladi of Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences in Hyderabad, India, discovered that people in India who spoke more than one language from a very young age developed dementia about 4 years later, on average, compared to those who spoke only one language. This finding, site ( Bak stated, inspired him to investigate the cognitive advantages of learning a second language during adulthood.

“We purchased into the concept learning a second language would make our kids higher thinkers,” she says. “Also, I need my children to value a culture aside from their own. I need them to be exposed to a wholly totally different manner of being — different values, completely different foods. They even do math differently.”

Nothing challenges the mind like learning a language does. Scientists have established that we use the left facet of the brain when talking our native language. Whereas, second language usage isn’t restricted to a specific hemisphere. It uses each of them, growing the scale of the white and gray matter of the brain.

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