Type two Diabetes – Will there be New Diabetes Drugs Available to Lower Blood Sugars?

Could there be today something better than Byetta? The marketing folks at Novo Nordisk definitely desire us to think so. In January 2010 regulators gave their endorsement to market the new drug for type two diabetes named Victoza in the world’s biggest marketplace for diabetes drugs, the USA.

Victoza is a brand new drug in the category of medicines called GLP 1 analogues. Glucagon-like peptide one, or maybe GLP 1 for short, glucotrust official website (look at this site) is a hormone secreted by the lining of the intestines of yours when there’s food in the gut of yours. GLP-1 has a number of functions which help lower blood sugars. Victoza:

So what is to never love about any drug which mimics GLP-1?

The problem is sometimes the overall effect of the medication is usually to lower blood sugars, and sometimes medicines in this particular class, that also includes Byetta, increase blood sugars. And both effects are usually radical.

The regular advantage of taking either Victoza or Byetta is a lowering of your HbA1c level of aproximatelly 1 %. That is incredibly useful, though you get a whole lot of benefit from the less pricy metformin or the absolutely cost free changes you are able to make in the blood glucose levels of yours with a wise plant based diet.

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