Type two Diabetes – Lower Blood sugar Levels to Prevent Viral Infection in Your Coronary Arteries

Anyone who has actually been diagnosed with Type two diabetes is at risk for getting arteriosclerosis, or maybe plaque formation on the walls of their arteries. Plaque can result in bleeding, glucofort fda (visit the following web site) or delay the flow of blood. This is especially damaging in the coronary arteries, because they supply blood towards the heart muscles.

Cytomegalovirus, long thought to be involved in the improvement of plaque, was implicated in the progress of atherosclerosis in research reported in February 2014. Based on an article posted in the medical journal Atherosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology, experts at Karolinska University in Sweden, in cooperation with a number of other research institutions found cytomegalovirus in plaque was connected with…

in rodents.

Researchers at the Faculty of Medical Sciences in Tehran, Iran, compared plaque from the coronary arteries of Type two diabetic patients to find out if blood sugar control could be connected with cytomegalovirus infection. The study of theirs, published in May 2014 in the journal ARYA Atherosclerosis included 52 participants that was identified as having Type two diabetes. It was found…

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