Type 2 Diabetes – 4 Tips to Help Counteract High Blood sugar in the Morning!

Besides food, you can find other factors that can result in your blood sugar levels level to rise. Many diabetics have high levels before they eat breakfast…even in case their sugar levels was within the standard range at bedtime. You can find two special problems which could raise fasting glucose levels. The earliest is called the:

Dawn Phenomenon… the dawn phenomenon results from an increase in specific hormones in the human body, particularly the stress hormone cortisol, beginning at three or four o’clock the next day. Cortisol increases insulin resistance, often causing a rise in the blood glucose level. The additional concern is called the:

Somogyi Effect… this refers to a blood glucose level that rises in the first morning after the diabetic experiences an unrecognized hypoglycemic function during the night time.

Higher morning sugar amounts should encourage testing at night, and also testing at 2 or glucotrust doctor reviews – simply click the next website – perhaps 3AM, just to eliminate nocturnal hypoglycemia. Clues to night-time hypoglycemia include:

And it is commonly experienced by diabetics taking extended acting insulin and to people who did not have a little snack before bedtime.

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