Top ten Reasons The Blood Sugar of yours is simply too High

Are you diabetic? Is your blood glucose exorbitant?

In 20 years of watching diabetic patients, one becomes acquainted with specific patterns of illness and behavior. Any seasoned physician could list a dozen reasons a patient’s blood glucose levels could be uncontrolled.glucotrust nz

Here is my top ten list of reasons why your blood sugar could be too much.

1. The overall calorie intake of yours is way too high. For many Type 2 diabetics, the body remains capable of producing some insulin, but perhaps not enough to help you metabolize the meal of yours sufficiently. Cutting your calories returned by a third could be all that you need to do.

2. You eat foods with a very high glycemic index. With regards to diabetes, not all food is created equal. Simple carbohydrates (sugars, bread, cereal, rice, potatoes, pasta) are absorbed quickly, therefore raising the blood glucose level quickly – too soon for the pancreas to respond adequately. Taking in the same energy in the form of ingredients that are absorbed less quickly (protein, fat) will cause less of a spike in the blood glucose of yours.

3. Your body mass index is way too high. Having a lot of adipose tissue within the body renders it more difficult for the body to make use of insulin. Once you’ve dropped the extra weight of yours, you might be ready to eat the same number of calories, but have the diabetes of yours under better control.

4. You don’t take your medication as directed. Many patients not only’ cheat’ by consuming a cookie then and now, but by skipping the medicine of theirs more frequently than they admit to. Lying to yourself are going to make it difficult for both you and the doctor of yours to keep your diabetes in check.

5. You are not on enough diabetic medicine. Even though your diabetic therapy probably started with only a single medicine, it is quite common to necessitate additional medicine over time. This can be accomplished by using either a higher dose of the drug you are already on, or glucotrust reviews amazon, %domain_as_name% blog post, perhaps by taking a combination of 2 or more medications.

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Cynthia J. Koelker, MD

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