To Detox or perhaps not to Detox, That is the Question

I’ve a colleague that very kindly enables me stay with her immediately when I’m working in London on 2 consecutive days in one week. This helps save me the wretched commute through the roadwork infested M25. She’s a huge fan of detoxing which I’ve never been. Last night we were discussing the present plan she is on and she was telling me how she loves carrying out the detox as being a promote to a lowering program and that it makes her feel excellent.

I’ve usually been sceptical about detoxing, so I assumed I’d have a fast trawl around and find out how much exactly the principal reasons for and against are, hoping either to be able to overcome the scepticism of mine, or perhaps alert her to any possible problems of the approach. In fact, unsurprisingly there is an extremely energized and mental debate going on out there about this topic. I’m just going to summarise the main arguments in a small number of sentences and then present you with my own conclusion from what I’ve read.

There is no doubt about the reality that detoxing has become extremely popular in the last decade or so. After Christmas the chemists and supermarket shelves are groaning with thc detox kit clicks (Suggested Reading) items to assist men and women promote the New Year resolutions of theirs & women’s magazines are filled with posts about the newest celebrity regime, encouraging us to abandon our normal diet regime in favour of h2o, veggies and fruit, plus detox solutions.

So how does detoxing work?

Supporters of detoxing say that it helps you to flush toxins through the system faster, that it utilizes organic herbs as well as therapies like diuretics to help the body in the detox process, creating a lot more urine, thus expelling more toxins quicker.

So why is it good for you?

Among the benefits reported for detoxing is that it boosts liver function, clears out the colon and revitalises the skin, by eliminating potentially damaging contaminants through the body. Advocates also state that it reduces feelings of bloatedness and enhance energy.

Will detoxing be bad for you?

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