The Future of Air Conditioning – Solar Air Conditioners

With improvements in technology and science, solar power can today be worn in a number of ways. Among the forthcoming applications of solar power is running air conditioners. Though it may sound as a contradiction, a sun air conditioning works utilizing the sun’s power to cool our houses. Such air conditioners have application which is fantastic in arid places where there is abundant sunlight. Air conditioning turns into a basic need in these kinds of places and with bright sun as the cause of energy, solar air conditioners are the perfect choice.

chilwell air conditioningTypes of Solar Air Conditioners

Solar air conditioners are either active or passive. Active sun air conditioners are of two types – solar absorption cooler and solar desiccant cooler.

In a sun absorption cooler, solar heating is absorbed by thermal collectors and this heat is used to separate a blend of refrigerant and absorbent fluids. The refrigerant material will be condensed and evaporated. This process cools the environment and this chilly air is sent into the home. The absorbent material reabsorbs the refrigerant and the process is repeated.

In solar desiccant coolers, moist air passes over a “desiccant wheel” that contains moisture trapping substances. The moisture in the air is absorbed by these materials, chillwell ac amazon (please click the following post) making the air cool. Fans are then employed to transmit this cold air out into the room. This particular type of solar coolers demands lesser temperatures than absorption coolers.

Passive solar air conditioner is often designed along with the house, as it is inbuilt. It’s usually built as a solar chimney or maybe a solar cooling tower. A solar chimney is generally made on the south face of a building. Its south facing side is glazed hence it can efficiently digest the sun’s heat. This fireplace is connected with the inside of the home with the help of a vent at a very high point on one side and at a low point on the other. The vents at the accessible point are then connected to big underground pipes.

When the air is heated at chimney, it makes an upward draft which generates a vacuum. When this vacuum is created, air is drawn into the vent at the lower point and as this air travels through the vent, the water pipes cool this atmosphere. Then the cool air is let in with the home for cooling. This particular cycle repeats itself providing a cool ambience.

Benefits of Using Solar Air Conditioners

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