The best way to Install an Evaporative Air Cooler

Evaporative coolers work on the basic principle of heat absorption by utilizing the method of water evaporation. The unit works by pulling heated air from the atmosphere in to the wet pads. The cool air created is circulated into rooms with the aid of the fan.

A lot of people install their coolers on roof and repair blowers that drive the air through a discharge cooler. Installing the machine on the roof top is more affordable however, it’s a number of disadvantages. Some of the shortcomings include receiving on the roof to maintain the unit, leak in the ceiling and chillwell portable ac battery pack corrosion of the framework that should support the cooler.

Just before you install an evaporative cooler, make sure you read the building codes of the area of yours. After you’ve checked out the codes, you have to determine the location and mark the opening. You must then build a platform of wood or iron and attach the platform to the opening. When repairing the platform, be sure you don’t cut any structural framework. The size of the structure as well as the opening will depend upon the guidelines that come with the device.

Once the platform were fixed, you have to rent equipment which will place the much cooler on the platform. Assuming you have ordered a small cooler, you can employ a few folks to lift the cooler and put it on the platform. Read the guidebook which will come with the cooler to check the spacers that may be used in between the cooler and platform. It is a wise course of action to support the unit with guy wires to avoid winds from destroying the machine of yours.

Examine the dimensions of the water tube you are going to need to link the machine for the water source. You are able to use saddle valve to link the tube to the water supply as it will ensure uninterrupted supply of low volume water to the cooler. After connecting the tube, you must connect the electric wires to the power supply with the help of the proper conduits. Check the city codes to find out if you can do the wiring or if you have to hire an expert.

Assuming you’ve brought a brand new unit, you will need to connect the engine and adjust the stress of the belt. Whenever you purchase a well used device, motor is generally attached and you’ve to make little alterations in the fan belt. After fixing the fan belt as well as the motor, you have to make sure the vents are open and also the ducting is installing properly. At this point start the water and set the warm water by making modifications to the float valve. After all the connections are checked, you can start the cooler and adjust the vents to get the sought-after air flow.

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