Better yet, what’s more intimate than hand writing that message on personalized stationery? Whether writing a heartfelt letter to a spouse, sending a letter of encouragement to a friend, or simply writing a letter to your mother for her birthday, receiving that letter will prove to be the highlight of their day. For more info […]
You can’t have more than one stationery so there is no plural. There are raised and tilted shelves to place and organize pens. This set of marble-themed sticky notes from Buquoo are made from 80gsm paper (so it’s a bit thicker than normal) that’ll help prevent bleeding, and they feature a strong adhesive back that […]
Why Start a Stationery Shop & Office Supplies Business? Simply put, a stationery store and office supplies business is a place where books, magazines, newspapers, text books, writing pads, greeting cards/postcards and stationery are retailed. From curated boxes from Japan to artist collaborations and Minted’s ingenious greeting card service, seven stationery subscription boxes to order, […]

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