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This is the moment Ukrainian troops destroyed Russian tanks after they were spotted trying to hide in residents’ gardens. Drone footage shows the tanks driving around and looking for somewhere to set up position in the village of Zirkuni in the north-eastern Ukrainian region of the  Oblast. One of the tanks was filmed reversing into […]
An Irish escort website encouraged men to pay for sex with Ukrainian women fleeing from Vladimir ‘s invasion, and live out their ‘war inspired fantasies’. A European anti-trafficking expert warned on Thursday that the Irish sex trade was already reacting to the refugee crisis which has seen an increase in demand from men trying to […]
BEIJING, May 18 (Reuters) – China still has policy room to cope with challenges, as the downward pressure on China’s economy increases, state media quoted Premier Li Keqiang as saying on Wednesday. China will ensure its economic operations in the first half and the whole year to be “within reasonable range”, Li was quoted as […]

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