Staying away from Air conditioning Strain – Energy Saving Methods for the Summer

The very first tip for an awesome air conditioning is maintaining it properly. The same as a vehicle, the air conditioning of yours needs a tune up every year to ensure that it is in good condition to deal with the demands of the hot season. Using the vehicle example, let’s say you’re planning a cross-country road trip. When would you have your vehicle tuned up – before or after you depart? Likewise, the perfect time to tune up the ac unit of yours is ahead of the season of peak usage. But even if you’ve procrastinated on your routine maintenance, it is not very late! Your method still deserves an excellent ole’ shot in the arm to help boost its effectiveness through the rest of the summer.

But what exactly is really important to maintain? Effectively, your air conditioning is a reasonably advanced piece of machinery, with many parts which contribute to the efficiency of its. If one of such parts isn’t functioning as it ought to be, the whole system suffers in energy efficiency and performance. Of the annual tune up, the technician of yours will check most of the electrical connections, lubricate moving parts, and check the condensate drain for clogs. He’ll additionally make sure the process is turning on as well as off properly and set the blower components to ensure there are no airflow problems. Airflow problems can result in approximately a 15 % loss of effectiveness. He will additionally read the refrigerant amounts, and purify the evaporator and condenser coils, as dirt on these coils are able to bring down both the cooling efficiency along with the overall lifespan of the machine. Your technician also can spot some other problem areas that require attention.

Following the technician has finished the work of his, there’s always more that you, the homeowner, can do to ensure that you are getting the best through your main chillwell ac reviews. The very first practical pointer is raising the heat on the thermostat by the number of degrees. Not merely will your air conditioner not need to work as hard to maintain the room temperature, although you will certainly save cash on the utility bill. In case you currently have the thermostat of yours as high as you are comfortable with, then try running a ceiling fan in the rooms you occupy. This will allow you to raise the thermostat a few degrees further, without loss of comfort. Fans also utilize less energy compared to the A/C, but bear in mind to turn them off when you leave the room.

Yet another basic tip you can follow is to make sure that your furniture isn’t blocking some air vents, impeding air flow. The more freely the air can circulate, the cooler the home of yours will feel. In addition, don’t run the exhaust fans in the kitchen of yours or bathroom more than required. These exhaust fans replace the indoor air with outside air, making the A/C work harder to cool your home. Last but not least, make sure to hose down the outside A/C unit of yours every so often, and remove any debris like dirt or perhaps branches which may perhaps have settled all around it. A clean outdoor unit is an even more efficient one.

If your air conditioning system is more than ten years of age, you might want to consider updating to a newer, more power efficient model. There is no telling how much you might be saving in your monthly energy costs with the latest AC system. Inquire about units with a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating that is at least fourteen or even fifteen, as these are by far the most current and energy efficient. A new technique can utilize up to 40 % less power compared to an outdated one, and in many cases a brand new air conditioning could eventually pay for itself in energy savings by itself. In addition, for additional efficiency, you may wish to check into buying a programmable thermostat. There are brand new models offered that are wifi enabled, so that you are able to modify your house temperature settings from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet device, and laptop. These so-called “smart thermostats” can really be an intelligent option for those focused on energy efficiency. One of the best and newest thermostats available on the market is a Lennox iComfort Wifi, which allows your to regulate your AC from your tablet, smartphone, and computer. For even more info about the Lennox iComfort Wifi visit

Hence make sure to call for a tune set up and exercise these additional energy saving tips to provide your air conditioning a much needed reprieve this summer. Your AC-and the finances of yours — will thank you!

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