Solar energy Powered Air Conditioners

OK I’m sure that many of you’ve a good deal of questions regarding this specific topic so let us start by clarifying just precisely what’s a solar powered air conditioner. Solar Air Conditioners in a nutshell are the latest technology edition of the swamp cooler just much more complex. Very long ago men and women in the southern tier states of the US learned that by passing water throughout a fan blown radiator they could take advantage of what we all know to be “Evaporative Cooling”, which is the same concept which was utilized in earlier processes of refrigeration. When water evaporates out of any surface area which surface will in effect start to be much cooler than the surrounding ambient air temperature.

Today we understand the basic concept of evaporative cooling we are able to move forward to the an in depth explanation of why and how a solar powered air conditioner unit works and its cost advantages. These systems make use of around four gallons of water every hour depending upon how hot the surrounding air temps are because the greater number of evaporation that takes place the less hot these methods work. Given that background temperatures plus to the stage the exterior conditions do practically all the work of cooling the environment in the conditioning unit as well as the water used also humidifies the quality of the air the outcome is what we call’ Comfort Air”.

Benefits to this system are numerous and will have a full impact upon air conditioner systems and ways we cool our offices and homes for years to come. The first advantage I’d love to mention is the point that these systems require absolutely no chemical refrigerants as it’s the Evaporative Cooling which does nearly all the work of cooling the environment in your place or home of business. Secondly, as they use water as a winter medium the air that is pumped through the air ducts of yours is at the right comfort level with regards to moisture especially in arid climates. The most remarkable advantage to these techniques would be the because all of the cool labor has been completed by evaporation the over all electricity required by the whole system is 90 % Under that of a standard air conditioning system! Yes you read that correctly! I said 90 percent LESS! An average standard air conditioner for your house calls for approximately 6000 watts of power to work per hour while these methods will operate at capacity which is total over a mere 600 watts.

Just to fit all of that into perspective with an illustration you are able to probably relate too let us consider the common hand held blow dryer that most girls use on their hair. These make use of up to 1800 watts if you have among the more recent models with the many fan options, moreover the C60 sun run air conditioning that the organization of ours offers, installs and services will run on 1/3 of that energy.

Up until this time I have been informing you on all the principles of the evaporative cooling and power requirements of this particular program and you’re probably wondering, “OK, chillwell portable ac costco ( well have you thought about the entire SOLAR part of this particular system”? Given that our power requirement to operate these techniques is so low we are able to easily use four – 200 watt solar modules that can offer all the power this whole system will want!

At this point I am going to come full circle and clarify the last part of this fantastic system and exactly why it is important to make use of the solar option with it. Most air conditioners produce exhaust air and although the air coming from a regular system is always hot, the air which is exhausted out of this brand new engineering can be quite cool. Solar panel systems that are generating the power which feed these systems will generate a lot more energy at cooler temperatures below 150F. Nevertheless, those of us who actually work with solar energy panel systems already know that if left to their own in the suns heating of the day they can be so much hotter than this particular 150F range therefore reducing the power output skill of theirs by pretty much as fifteen %.

So here is what I recommend. Utilizing duct work away from the exhaust port of the air conditioner unit we steer this great exhaust air flow to a plenum that is equipped across the whole surface area of the back aspect of the solar panel array thus keeping the panels which are generating the operational energy to the air conditioner much cooler in the suns heat which provides you with an additional 15 % of power production capacity from the solar array of yours.

So lets go over again! Zero chemical refrigerants, the potential to be powered hundred % by solar, cool comfortable air flow in your home or office, thus the hotter the conditions get the stronger these methods function helping you save hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year on air cooling costs! Any questions? Next , visit our site to view the articles of ours and videos which will explain these systems further.

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