Scholarships For Engineering Students

The formal study of engineering as a discipline may be a modern phenomenon but the role of engineers in developing our society cannot be underestimated.

Think about it! Whether it was the discovery of fire, or the invention of the wheel, or even much closer to us on the timeline, the invention of electricity, or the internet – since the dawn of civilization, each stage of our evolution has been led by the indominable human spirit of innovation and invention, and at the forefront of it are the engineers.

Being a specialized field, an engineering degree is an expensive proposition with admission to top engineering institutes in India and abroad being much coveted. To encourage students from all backgrounds, considering the important role engineers play in our society, many scholarships for Engineering Students provide financial aid and other benefits to engineering students.Below are a few instances where you could qualify for a scholarship to study engineering:

A) By Domicile – If you are a student in India, keep a look out for various central and state scholarships that encourage students from your region to pursue higher education. For instance, if you are a permanent resident of Assam, you could qualify for the 'NHPC Fellowship Scheme for Assam'.This scholarship aims to support meritorious & deserving applicants for their graduation or post-graduation studies and promote quality professional education for Assamese.

B) By University – A majority of scholarships are university specific and are aimed at students who've been accepted to a course at that college.

Engineering Colleges in both India and abroad offer such scholarships, both for local and international students. The Warwick School of Engineering at the University of Warwick, for example, provides financial assistance of 4000 Euros to overseas students.

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C) By Need – A major aim of scholarships is to encourage those deserving candidates who cannot afford the high cost of tuition. Consequently, there are many scholarships aimed at the underprivileged sections of the society.

The eligibility for such scholarships is determined by the applicant's annual household income. The North South Foundation Scholarship, for instances, sets aside scholarship funds for undergraduate students entering engineering or medicine, whose annual household income is below Rs.


D) By Merit – If you're an exceptionally bright student, chances are you wouldn't need to pay your full tuition. Many scholarships are aimed at encouraging meritorious students. OP Jindal Engineer & Management Scholarships, for example, award about 100 students each year from engineering and management institutions based on their CGPA.

E) By Gender – Many scholarships specifically cater to female engineering aspirants, with an aim to create gender equality in the science and engineering domain. Adobe India Women-in-Technology Scholarship, for one, recognises outstanding female students in the field of technology and encourages women to excel in computing and technology.

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