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The Oyster Bar by Ostra Fine Foods offers seafood dining experience with the freshest imported seafood in Cambodia. such as Oysters, Lobsters, and more! Locations:

Samdach Sothearos,

Eden Garden,

Boeung Snor

Siem Reap

our great reviews judge for yourself!

Service should more balance between friends and customer, maybe they are too busy with their friends. Friends come after get service, course after course, but customer wait.


Ordered fish and had prepared everything with friends over. When I went to pick it up they had sold it and did not offer a solution. Terrible costumer service.


Oyster not fresh. Arrived dry dead and was delivered 1h20 late. The oyster gave us food poisoning : diarrhea and fever.

I also ordered a lobster fresh alive and uncooked but instead received one cooked and cold.

I don’t recommend at all


The wait for food was almost 52 minutes. The French fries are old and stealer not to mention cold/warm. The chicken wings haven’t even come yet, the Spaghetti was very spicy when we specificallyasked for non spicy. The oyster were OK but not great. The waiters kept apologise for the wait and overall not happy with the service or food.


Dommage, j’avais demandé de garder mes huîtres fermé au manager car je prenais la route pour kep, arrivé à destination je constate que mes huîtres sont toutes ouvertes, elle ne peuvent plus refaire leur jus, leur goût et gâché, 40 dollars …


I had a very unpleasant experience at this restaurant (‘bar’) two weeks ago. I brought my friend, this since she is an expert on oysters & I wanted her opinion. I noticed that 2 girls had brought their small dog to the bar. I had already asked the waitress during my last visit if I could bring my dog to the bar next time. She told me that I could not. Dogs were not allowed. The manager was also very occupied talking to these two posh ladies, not minding anything else. I guess they have different rules for different people.

I was still excited for my friend to try various oysters from the US, Canada etc. However, the waiter told me that they only had one kind of oyster in stock, the cheapest Pacific oysters.

My friend also old me her margarita was incredibly strong, almost only made of tequila. She was struggling to finish it & there was no salt on the rim of the glass.

1 minute after serving the waitress is telling my friend to please eat. I was so surprised by this. So was my friend, but she replies very politely. Then one minute later, now the bartender telling my friend to eat. My friend is now a bit annoyed, but still being polite. Then believe it or not, two minutes later the waitress yet again tells her to eat. Now I’m getting angry & so is my friend. Now she doesn’t reply anymore. Never in my whole life have I been forced to eat….?!! I still don’t understand why, but my friend was truly hurt & angry, & told me she would never go back to this place. She didn’t get it either. The oyster was served on an ice bed, so what was the problem? A good friend of mine gave me an AHA moment later when I told him about this, telling me that the oysters were probably bad & they wanted us to eat fast. My friend told me later that the oysters were nothing special.

I will never visit this place again.



Appalling service for one of the most expensive restaurants in Phnom Penh. 4 people in the restaurant and an hour wait for one starter. 2 of us were eating. Another hour and one main course arrived. Not the other starter, which were both simple starters. Then told that the main course was not available. Still only 4 people in the restaurant. Ordered in total $150 of food. Just gave the staff $50 and left, having eaten and drank $25 worth. The worst service in PP and the food that DID arrive was inedible. The seafood smelled appalling. Lived in Cambodia for 5 years. Worst place ever.


Super poor-quality products and really bad service. They never tell the real country where their products are coming from. In fact, their seafood products come from Vietnam. The employees are very very rude-have no educated at all. They do not know how to solve their problems. I do not recommend their products to anyone.


We ordered sparkling wine and were served with half volume and flat one. It was worse when the wine was not even cold. The waitress was polite in telling us that the restaurant served that half volume. The oysters that cost US$5 each did not taste any special.

It looked very popular among the locals. A local customer even had her poodle sitting on a chair next to her and then onto her table.

Are you looking for the best afterwork in town? Fresh Oysters from different countries, shrimp, mussels, live lobsters and more…We have what you want! Come NOW and enjoy our special Friends with Benefits night at one of our Oyster Bars. Stay and cheers with us until late at night!

BOOKING AND ORDER: 078 290 222 / 077 780 292 / 096 929 0222

– The Oyster Bar Sothearos:

Please file your complaints to the directors below:

OSTRA FINE FOODS CO., LTD. (00013948) Private Limited Company

Mr. Tim (timothy) David SQUIRES

Managing Director Ostra Fine Foods


+855 89 521 303

Postal Registered Office Address

5 Alfred St., Upper Ferntree Gully, Victoria, 3156, Australia

Moeun SAT ( facebook name:Sato Cambodia)

Managing Director Ostra Fine Foods

158Eo, NW02, Bayab, Phnom Penh Thmei, Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

+855 88 6300006

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