Mr Slim Air Conditioner

chillwell air conditionerMr. Slim air conditioning is a mark of quality and comfort in an economical price. Nowadays having an chillwell portable ac and heater unit is no more considered as a luxury but a requirement. Mr Slim is manufactured by none apart from the quickest industry leader in the cooling technology popular as Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi air conditioners are nicely reputed brand in the air conditioning technology with a fantastic track record. It is highly reliable and it’s technologically is already proven throughout the years.

Mr Slim air conditioner units are also recognized for its compact and light-weight features. It is designed in a way that it is able to very simple fit in anywhere i.e. home, offices, restaurants or even shops.

It’s unquestionably among the highest selling ductless air conditioning systems. With it customers never have to concern yourself with the issues like wetness leaking, damage of window etc that’s a typical thing with the other window installed air cooling systems offered in the market.

It facilitates its customers with an easy installation with no spending on the expensive duct work. Actually it takes merely a little 3 inch opening which connects the interior and also the patio units. It can easily be quickly and easily installed on the wall space above the windows. Hence it means less installation hassle and neat looking home or office.

Basically, it’s two units i.e. indoor and also the outdoor unit. Both these products are interconnected with the refrigerant lines. The indoor unit blows the cool air to the backyard unit which in exchange comes in air coming from outside for cooling.

By using an enhanced fan and grille style and minimal noise mode, it ensures the noise amount to a minimum. So less noise means more comfortable sleep for you and your entire family. Thus no wonder it the first name which will come to the mind of most of us when thinking of buying an air cooler.

It also comes with the microprocessor control hence its state control feature usually takes care of comfortable temperature for you regardless of how much the conditions are outside. Another benefit of using Mr Slim air conditioner is it has the washable filters that are actually economical.

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