Know the Signs of Low Blood glucose (Hypoglycemia)

Knowing the symptoms of lower blood sugar (hypoglycemia) could, situations, in extreme, help save the life of yours. In this report we will talk about what’s low blood glucose (hypoglycemia), so what can causes hypoglycemia, the important signs to look out for and what measures to take.

When blood sugar (glucose) levels drop to less next 70mg/dl or maybe 4 mmol/L it is known as hypoglycemia or “hypo” for short. You will find a number of reasons why blood sugar could become low. Probably the most widespread causes for diabetics who are on medicines are:

An excessive amount of insulin or diabetic medication, altai balance altai balance vs glucofort ( glucofort ( more physical exercise than usual, avoiding on time, refusing to eat enough and drinking alcohol.

altai balance.comsigns & Symptoms of Hypoglycemia

Symptoms of hypoglycaemia can vary for every person. If you have diabetes you should be informed about the specific symptoms of yours. These could include:

· Sweating

· Hunger

· Irritable

· Shaking

· Dry mouth

· Dizziness

· A sensation of weakness

· Headache

· Confused

Hypoglycemia is able to occur quickly so it is crucial to treat it instantly. In the event that blood sugar drops very low the following could occur:

· Become disorientated and confused

· Lose consciousness

· Have a seizure

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