It is Easy Being Green With an Energy Star Rated Air Conditioner

Greenhouse gases are parts of the atmosphere which contribute to the greenhouse effect. These gases come from human activity and natural sources. The green house effect is the gradual heating of the environment due to air pollution which traps power coming from the sun. All-inclusive causes of recent warming remain an active field of research but scientific consensus identifies elevated amounts of greenhouse gases as a result of human activity as the principle impact. The consequences of climate change include soaring sea levels, glacier retreat, arctic shrinkage, altered patterns of agriculture. Some secondary effects which were predicted are extreme weather events, an expansion of tropical diseases, changes in timing of seasonal patterns in ecosystems, along with drastic financial impact.

chillwell air conditionerTen ways you are able to reduce the contribution of yours to greenhouse gases are:

1. Purchase energy efficient appliances with “energy star” label including the WA 8291S Window A/C by Sunpentown.

2. Plant a tree. Trees store carbon dioxide which would usually be in the atmosphere. Trees provide shade in the summer months and if you plant a fruit or maybe nut tree you’ll eat locally and place more carbon in the dirt.

3. When painting a home use latex rather than oil based paint. Latex releases fewer dangerous fumes while drying. In addition, it smells better.

4. Save energy and cash by making certain your dishwasher and cleansing machine are full prior to turning them on.

5. Make certain the home of yours is prepared for the weather. Caulk as well as weather-strip doorways and windows. Add insulation (especially to the roof) of yours, change the windows for two-fold glazing and then put in outdoors shades.

6. Move the thermostat of yours 2 degrees cooler during the cold months and portable ac unit [click through the next internet site] 2 degrees warmer in the summer months.

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