Institute Of Standards & Industrial Analysis Of Iran

( Figuring out and formulating national requirements, conducting utilized research to uplift requirements stage, Upgrading the standard of domestic merchandise , assisting higher manufacturing process as well as efficient business and productivity, all of which aimed for economical independence. To develop national standards, monitor the implementation of compulsory requirements, and the quality controlling of exports to suspend low-quality merchandise. All of which with the intention of creating competition with international markets. To watch the standard of imports with special concentrate on bearing compulsory standards , site ( to protect and help home suppliers. Enlightening the producers, shoppers and distributors . To do related analysis specially with regard to production strategies, conservation, packaging and transportation . To spread Metric Techniques, and calibration of measures and gauges. To check and comply samples with the associated standards, characterize, and challenge the requisite certificates.)

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It’s a busy autumn morning on the Spanish Nursery, a bilingual nursery faculty in north London. Parents help their toddlers out of cycling helmets and jackets. Teachers greet the youngsters with a cuddle and a chirpy “Buenos dias!”. In the playground, slightly woman asks for her hair to be bunched up into a “coleta” (Spanish for ‘pigtail’), then rolls a ball and shouts “Catch!” in English.

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