Hanal Pixán

It is a tradition of the Mayan people that is carried out to remember in a special way the friends and relatives who went ahead on the eternal journey. It is a special event for the relatives of the deceased, since they know that, on these days, from October 31 to November 2, souls “receive permission” to visit their relatives.

The first day is dedicated to children and they call him u hanal palal. The second day, November 1, is dedicated to dead adults and they call it u hanal nucuch uinicoob, and the third day is the u hanal pixanoob called in some places misa pixán, because that day a mass dedicated to souls is applied, usually in the town cemetery.

The tradition includes several rites, but the main one consists of setting a table that functions as an altar, lit with wax candles, under the trees in the courtyard and near the graves of the relatives, where typical food of the season is placed.

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