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Binance is a crypto exchange that was founded in China and has become one of the largest and most popular exchanges worldwide. Key advantages of Binance are low trading fees, a large selection of tradable coins and tokens and a feature-rich user interface that was designed with experienced traders in mind.

For USDT-M Futures, if base_url is not provided, binance futures it defaults to . It’s recommended to pass in the base_url parameter, even in production as Binance provides alternative URLs. For COIN-M Delivery, if base_url is not provided, it defaults to .

The bot seems to struggle when the market is side-ways, but seems to excell when trending. Nothing is guaranteed ( refer to Disclaimer ). But again this depends on settings and specific markets. This really depends on market conditions, leverage and time period!

Also, the exchange lost Bitcoin worth more than $40 Million during a hack in 2019, but Binance refunded all investors. Binance is undoubtedly one of the leading crypto exchanges and must be part of any serious exchange review. The exchange offers low fees, various deposit and withdrawal options (including PayPal), margin and futures trading, binance advanced trading and order features, high withdrawal limits, and bitcoin various customer support options. Despite its outstanding offerings, the exchange is not without its pitfalls: Binance has been criticized because it does not officially confirm where its headquarters is located.

Binance DEX is a high performance and user friendly platform built on top of Binance Chain, where users can create, issue and trade digital assets. Binance Chain is a new blockchain developed and released by Binance.

By clicking Send SMS, you will receive a code on your email, which you will need to enter in this window, see the screenshot above. After entering the code, the following window will open, where you will be asked to verify your email address and confirm that you have generated API key.

If the bot is in a position and btc the signal changes to counter of the current position, the bot will close position and open a new on on the opposite side When the bot enters a position it submits a trailing stop market that is a certain % away from entry. This will prevent big losses in case of bot failure and lock in bigger profits – depending on % used.

This bot is intended to be a Proof-of-concept. This program or anything related to it, should not be considered investment advice. Understand the risks involved, do your own research and only trade with amounts you are willing to lose. The developer will not be responsible for any losses that are a result of using this program.

header – Full response header. binance.error.ClientError This is thrown when server returns 4XX , it’s an issue from client side. -1102 error_message – Server’s error message, e.g. This is thrown when server returns 5XX , it’s an issue from server side. It has 4 properties: status_code – HTTP status code error_code – Server’s error code, e.g.

Additional parameter recvWindow is available for endpoints requiring signature. It defaults to 5000 (milliseconds) and can be any value lower than 60000 (milliseconds). Anything beyond the limit will result in an error response from Binance server.

USDT-M Futures: COIN-M Futures:

For insance ethereum would be “ETHUSDT” and tron would be “TRXUSDT”. You can usually find the market name on binance. Market – this is the binance usdt futures market you would like to trade. Valid : 1m, 3m, 5m, binance 15m, 30m, 1h, 2h, 4h, 6h, 8h, 12h, 1d, 3d. Leverage – This is the leverage amount you would like to apply to your trades. The Leverage on binance can go up to 125x, however the maximum leverage is dependant on market. To use aggregate signals across multiple time scales, you should seperate the values with a comma. trailing_percentage – percentage the trailing stop should follow. it is usually the ticker of the coin followed by usdt. represented as minutes, hours or days. Margin_type – this is if youd like to use ISOLATED margin and protect your account value or CROSSED and use the entire account value as margin for the trades. Period value – this represents the timescales at which the strategy will trade signals. This will act as a fail safe incase the bot fails or binance futures enters a bad trade, and will help lock in profits on the good trades.

NOTE: the use_last variable allows you to constantly pump out the last non-zero bot signal. This will allow the bot to enter a position as soon as the bot is initiated, rather than it waiting for a new signal to appear. This can also be chained with multi-timescale strategies for better potential performance.

Please enter requested information such as your email, binance futures create a password, check the box that you agree with the Binance terms and then click on the Create accountbutton, see the screenshot below. You will see the page that prompt you to Create a free account.

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