Effects of High Blood Sugar

The blood sugar is likewise known as blood glucose. It is also known as hyperglycemia. As the name suggests the high blood glucose is the increased amount of sugar contained in the blood. The insulin contained in the entire body of ours maintains the sugar amount in the blood. When human body fails to generate the more than enough quantity of insulin the blood sugar is elevated.glucofort dubai In some other case it occurs once the insulin fails to react right together with the body cells. Due to higher blood glucose abnormal quantity of sugar gets piled up to the blood. This might lead to diabetes.

The very short period blood glucose increase is not unsafe for the body. When it occurs for as soon as subsequently it’s important to have the tests after some time. When it occurs time and glucofort time again then it’s essential to have a compulsory treatment for it. The high blood sugar is not hard to predict as it’s few symptoms. The quick effect of this disease is feeling poor, sleepy during regular schedule. Additionally the person with this condition feels extremely exhausted. Feeling thirsty even with having adequate liquids can also be negative effects of high sugar levels. It also produces the frequent urination, that causes the substantial thirst.

If the high blood sugar is ignored for a long time then it may cause eye, kidney and heart issues. On account of this ailment the eye lens or retina gets compromised which may lead to blindness. To begin with the effect of its causes the blur vision and mild vision problems.glucofort dubai Kidneys in human body work to filter the unwanted content from the bloodstream. Doe to sugar that is high in the blood kidneys work in excess of the normal to eliminate the additional amount of sugar (glucose) from the blood. This particular extra work is able to damage the blood vessels of the kidney. This could cause kidney disease or maybe a kidney failure. The immune system may get vulnerable due to constant high blood sugar levels. As an outcome the resistance power against infections decreases. This kind of individual is invariably vulnerable to influenza and such other diseases. This also boost the blood pressure. This can affect the heart related organs. It might result in heart problems and person is able to have heart attack. This syndrome is able to bring about the erectile dysfunction that will make sexual inabilities. If perhaps we left untreated it has the large effect on growth hormones. As a result of which body can’t produce enough growth hormones. This results in fast aging of the epidermis.

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