Detoxification – Our Health as well as the Environment, Make the Connection

We are now living in a very the effects and chemical world of chemical substances on our bodies are constantly being investigated. While technology and industry have helped us to live much more perfectly, we are having to pay a huge price tag. We’re the original generation of people to be subjected to numerous synthetic chemicals.

Consumer advocacy organizations have expressed specific concern about the possible effects of other toxins and thc detox south africa (related web-site) hormone-disrupting chemicals that assault us in the environment of ours. Just about all these toxins put a large load on our systems causing a multitude of dangerous side effects that materialize as illnesses of varying degrees.

Contaminants can be found in:

– the food of ours due to how it’s developed, preserved and packaged;

– the homes of ours because of the way they’re up, furnished and cleaned;

– our lawns as well as gardens in how they’re maintained;

– the personal care products as well as beauty products we use;

Environmental pollution is not only changing the ozone layer, plant species and animals, but humans as well.

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