Cut Air conditioning Costs

Exactly how Air Conditioning Uses Up Energy

We all wish to stay cool during the summer season. But regrettably, the price of air conditioning is ridiculous. Just how can the regular citizen still keep paying hundreds of dollars per month just to allow for the cooling needs of theirs? It doesn’t look like a smart idea to keep paying a whole lot of cash simply for cool air. It is actually possible not to. Did you understand that your air conditioner uses up more power than any other appliance in your house? To be precise, your air conditioner burns 3500 watt-hours per watt hour of use. That’s bad compared to the television of yours which only burns seventy five watt-hours per hour of usage. A typical window unit does not even burn a whole lot, a mere 900 watts. In comparison to the chillwell portable ac casement window (look here) of yours, that is not too bad.

Why the cost of Air conditioner is really Costly

As stated earlier, air conditioning burns 3500 watt-hours per hour. This can definitely raise the purchase price on the power bill in just a matter of hours. The regular power bill for a residence of three occupants usually costs anywhere from 180 to 400 bucks a month. The vast majority (over half) of the bill of yours comes from the air conditioning system of yours. The older the device, the greater number of energy it uses.

Kinds of Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners – These air conditioners fit easily inside of a medium size window. They typically don’t use as much energy as central air cooling units do. They generally only burn 900 watt-hours per hour.

Central air conditioning system – This’s the individual that costs so much money. Try to avoid purchasing this kind of cooling system as much as practical. You will find great alternatives to make use of that work just as successfully.

Ceiling fans – Amazingly, ceiling fans can be a great alternative to pricier cooling systems because they work, and therefore are also really inexpensive.

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