Candle Making Wicks

All candle wicks are pre-tabbed assemblies and promote a really slight curl whilst burning which helps to provide a ‘self-trimming’ effect and to assist prevent mushrooming, excess smoke or soot or drastic wick movement. Our candle wick ranges suit a wide range of different types of candle waxes and functions including tea lights, votive candles, site ( pillar candles and container candles.

Wood wicks are the latest entry to the candle-making industry and embody softwood wicks and hardwood wicks. Softwood wicks are much more superior to hardwood wicks, and they may burn with the distinctive sound of a wood-burning fireplace and pop. Softwood wicks comprise two comparable pieces of wooden pressed collectively.

A double boiler is actually a metallic pan, crammed with a few inches of water, with a metal or heatproof glass bowl sitting on top. While you pop it on the stove, the water in the pan will boil and start to heat the contents of the above bowl slowly, with out subjecting it to any direct heat.

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