5th Avenue Playa del Carmen

Thinking of Playa del Carmen, without a doubt, is thinking of its emblematic 5th. Avenue. Its colors, its streets, its shops and the multitude of people who walk this section is one of the most entertaining experiences you can have in this destination. The fifth, as its inhabitants usually call it, is a pedestrian street […]

Xel-há, meaning and interesting facts

Etymologically, it is a Mayan word composed of xel, piece, entrance, and ha, water. This shows the importance that the Xel-Há cove had for this pre-Hispanic civilization as a natural shelter and commercial port. Definitely, swimming with dolphins in Cancun and Riviera Maya is one of the most incredible experiences you can live in this […]

Xtabentún, Yucatecan alcohol

The name means “tangled vines that grow on stones”, and the taste is similar to anise, sweet with a hint of honey and a punch that reveals its alcoholic nature. It is of Mayan tradition and is fermented from the flower of the same name. Rivea corymbosa (also known as Turbina corymbosaas) is the scientific […]

Tiburon ballena avistamiento

El primer ejemplar identificado medía 4,6 metros de longitud y fue arponeado y capturado en las costas de Table Bay, Sudáfrica, en 1828. El espécimen fue vendido por 6 £, y su holotipo se muestra en el Museo de Historia Natural de París.4​ La primera cita científica fue dada al año siguiente por Andrew Smith, […]

6 Actividades para disfrutar Isla Mujeres

Las 7 actividades obligatorias para disfrutar tus vacaciones en Isla Mujeres Durante tus vacaciones en Cancún y Riviera Maya seguramente visitarás Isla Mujeres, un paradisiaco lugar famoso por el arrecife que le rodea, su vida tranquila y la calidez de sus habitantes. No todo es fiesta excesiva ni hoteles todo incluido. En Isla Mujeres existe un mundo […]

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