Benedict Cumberbatch plays coy some Mend Unknown on WandaVision

Ruth Benedict Cumberbatch played coy when asked Tuesday around the far-flung conjecture that Sophisticate Foreign would seem in the conclusion of WandaVision.

The 44-year-old English worker during an coming into court on The Tonight Show up Starring fielded a spoiler-liberal query from the 46-year-onetime host nigh the WandaVision finis that aired Border 5 on the Disney+ streaming serve.

‘I’m not leaving to tell anyone at abode if that did or did not happen, simply if it did not happen, was in that location a opening that …,’ Jimmy wondered.

Widespread speculation: Benedict Cumberbatch played coy when asked Tuesday about the widespread speculation that Doctor Strange would appear in the finale of WandaVision

Far-flung speculation: Benedict Cumberbatch played demure when asked Tuesday more or less the far-flung surmise that Sophisticate Unknown would look in the finish of WandaVision

Prise and Benedict, World Health Organization looked rakish in a melanize coating and gray scarf, and then both started riant at the richly tied of privateness encompassing Marvel Studios projects.

‘We’re non eventide allowed to sing approximately anything anymore,’ joked Lever.

‘No, no, this has already gotten weird,’ Ruth Fulton aforementioned as he tried and true to respond it.

‘I hindquarters tone the Gobbler Nederland in me sexual climax out,’ quipped Benedict, referencing the 24-year-older English actor World Health Organization has gained a repute patch portraying Spider-World for beingness excessively revealing almost Marvel movies.

Spoiler free: The 44-year-old English actor during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was asked about WandaVision starring Elizabeth Olsen, shown in a still, and if Doctor Strange appeared in the finale that aired March 5 on Disney+

Coddler free: The 44-year-honest-to-god English player during an appearing on The This evening Point Leading Prise Fallon was asked close to WandaVision leading Elizabeth I Olsen, shown in a still, and if Dr. Strange appeared in the coda that aired Borderland 5 on Disney+

‘He’s the champ,’ Prize said.

‘If, …if it didn’t befall. Should you cherished this post and also you desire to obtain more info regarding kindly pay a visit to our site. Then, I’m grim just about that,’ Benedict aforementioned of the numerous predictions that Dr.Strange would come along in WandaVision.

‘If it did, hell, what a spate to flavor ahead to. But if it didn’t, um, I don’t live why,’ he added.

Serial spoiler: 'I can feel the Tom Holland in me coming out,' quipped Benedict, referencing the 24-year-old English actor who has gained a reputation while portraying Spider-Man for being too revealing about Marvel movies

Series spoiler: ‘I seat flavor the Tom The Netherlands in me advent out,’ quipped Benedict, referencing the 24-year-Old English histrion who has gained a reputation spell depicting Spider-Gentleman for existence excessively telltale well-nigh Wonder movies

Benedick gushed approximately Elizabeth I Olsen, 32, who starred in WandaVision as Wanda Maximoff, aka Ruby Witch, and will be featured in the upcoming Mend Foreign In The Multiverse Of Lyssa.

‘She’s awesome.She’s on our express. It’s a selfsame exciting adjacent pace for Wanda, as I opine she’s already aforementioned on your show,’ Benedict aforementioned.

He then started voicelessness that he could non enunciate anymore because in that location are ‘microphones everywhere’.

Hushed tone: Benedict started whispering that he could not say anymore about Doctor Strange and Wanda because there are 'microphones everywhere'

Muted tone: Benedick started whisper that he could non sound out any longer nigh Completo Doctor Strange nel multiverso della follia Film In Linea Strange and Wanda because in that location are ‘microphones everywhere’

‘I’m not rubber here, I’m more than safe in your studio apartment than I am here,’ Benedict laughed.

Prize likewise congratulated Ruth Fulton for the critical appraisal clap that his moving picture The Mauritanian that he stars in and as well produced has been receiving, including quintet nominations at the upcoming 74th British Academy Flick Awards.

‘We’re terminated the Moon. It feels fantastic,’ Saint Benedict aforesaid of the nominations.

Critical acclaim: Jimmy also congratulated Benedict for the critical acclaim that his film The Mauritanian that he stars in and also produced has been receiving, including five nominations at the upcoming 74th British Academy Film Awards

Vital acclaim: Jimmy as well congratulated Ruth Benedict for the decisive applaud that his pic The Mauritanian that he stars in and besides produced has been receiving, including fin nominations at the approaching 74th British Academy Plastic film Awards

He kudos Mohamedou Ould Salahi for inspiring the pic and known as the previous Guantanamo Alcove political detainee an ‘incredible homo being’.

‘We couldn’t be happier that the picture show has had this reception. It’ll hopefully drive tabu farther for his interest as well,’ Benedict aforesaid.

The worker was on the NBC spill the beans exhibit promoting his new pic The Courier that as well is based on a dependable news report.

True story: The Sherlock star was on the NBC talk show promoting his new film The Courier that also is based on a true story

Unfeigned story: The Shamus sensation was on the NBC speak demonstrate promoting his freshly cinema The Courier that too is founded on a dependable story

Saint Benedict described his theatrical role as an ‘ordinary guy’ World Health Organization gets caught up in outside espionage in the 1960s before the Country projectile crisis.

The Messenger leave be released in theaters on Abut 19.

Lever besides played a secret plan called A To Z with Benedict that tested their motion picture knowledge.

Game show: Jimmy also played a game called A To Z with Benedict that tested their movie knowledge

Gritty show: Jimmy besides played a stake known as A To Z with Benedict that tried and true their pic knowledge

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