Alternate Health – Food List to Help Type two Diabetics Have Lower Blood sugar Levels!

Since a literal interpretation of diabetes is a dysfunction of the bodily process of distributing sugars with the body in order to fuel it’s organs and tissues; it is only natural to wonder what sorts of food, if any, a type 2 diabetic should avoid.

The key is the fact that there are certain foods you really should avoid totally, and others you will need to consume only in small quantities… however, these foods are not always the people that you may have on your diabetic most wanted list.

1. Very high sugar, in its refined form, is the most apparent food to stay away from since it changes readily into sugar… boosting, not providing lower blood glucose amounts.

2. Dairy products should be restricted, however, not eliminated, because they have a lot of compounds which are essential for the health of yours in ways unrelated to blood glucose levels, including calcium. Low-fat milk is the best dairy option, glucotrust james walker (updated blog post) with unsweetened yogurt a close second. High-fat milk, cream, and the like needs to be avoided unless very little else is available.

3. Peanuts are surprisingly rich in carbs and could potentially cause an unexpected increase in your blood sugar levels, unlike many other nuts that are helpful for type 2 diabetics to eat. This is because peanuts are not really nuts, meaning that the chemical makeup of theirs is fairly different.

4. Gentle chocolates which are rich in sugars ought to be shunned totally, while dark chocolates with a high level of cocoa in them should be restricted to the unexpected treat.

5. Potatoes, refined sweets, and grains really should be stayed away from totally when possible… this involves white bread, pizza crust, and so forth.

6. Starchy veggies as beets, peas, beans, and carrots should to be relatively limited, although not totally eliminated from your diet if you would like to eat them.

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