Air Conditioner Maintenance – The Howto Do it Guide by Homeowners Insurance Folks

There’s a science to anything that goes wrong: things gone awry usually do it at the wrong time!

Question the home as well as homeowners – landlords and renters aswell – and also they’ll emphatically inform you that, indeed, as soon as the air conditioning system goes, it’s usually during a heat wave, during probably the hottest times of the summer season!

Just how can the sorry scenario be prevented? Your surest bet is by “taking the bull by the horns”. Begin a maintenance plan which is constant as it is proactive, say the cooling experts who are in the know.

Naturally, the insurance agent who helped your with your house coverage will nod the head of his about this in total agreement. That’s as while the plan of yours may cover AC equipment breakdown generally, air quality claims that arise because of an absence of care will never be covered! To the indemnity business, if you do not take care of your home AC, it’s the liability of yours (aka the own fault) of yours and also you will receive no compensation.

So, here we go with the necessary maintenance and care guidelines.

Number One: Ramp up your air conditioner’s Crankcase heater BEFORE you really begin using your system. This is called’ energizing’, an act that can help minimize the likelihood of having the system’s refrigerant drip into the AC oil.

Number 2: Cleanse the chillwell portable ac unit outside coils a minimum of two times per year – once prior to the cooling system commences and when right before probably the hottest time when your air conditioner will be performing overtime.

Number Three: Check the compressor’s motor starter. Watch for any repair requires and particularly for corrosive electric contacts that need replacement.

Number Four: Examine your AC’s moisture filters. Should the sign show that there is moisture buildup, summon a technician that is going to check the cause for it and repair some leak. As per protocol, specialist employees will vacuum up and also as needed change driers and filters.

Number Five: Check air conditioner’s refrigerant charge. Assuming you’ve experienced a lack of the refrigerant previously, you are going to need to conduct checks on a routine basis and do any necessary repairs.

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