5th Avenue Playa del Carmen

Thinking of Playa del Carmen, without a doubt, is thinking of its emblematic 5th. Avenue. Its colors, its streets, its shops and the multitude of people who walk this section is one of the most entertaining experiences you can have in this destination.

The fifth, as its inhabitants usually call it, is a pedestrian street that begins at the fiscal dock, the place where you take the Ferry to cross to Cozumel, at the height of Calle 1 Sur.

If you’re looking to bring back a few authentic souvenirs, look out for hand-painted ceramic pieces, large colorful blankets, and of course, alcohol. Before you purchase, make sure the item was made in Mexico. Otherwise, keep an eye out for two large shopping centers on Fifth Avenue — Paseo del Carmen, located just past the ferry docks on the south end and only steps before Playacar Palace, and Quinta Alegría, right off the corner of Constituyentes. As Fifth Avenue grows, more shops can also be found nearby on First Avenue and 10th Avenue.

In this place the fun never ends. From your arrival, you will be infected by its extraordinary and relaxed atmosphere, surrounded by live music of all genres and styles, from DJs, Rock bands, acoustic, salsa, to mariachi. As you walk along 5th avenue, you will observe the great variety of shopping malls, department stores, places that offer tequila and mezcal tastings, exclusive boutiques, jewelers, bars and restaurants with gastronomy from different parts of the world, from Mexican, Italian, Moroccan , and even Thai. La 5ta does not sleep at night, you will notice that there are different streets, such as 12, where you will begin to see movement until the sun sets and the moon shines, and some of the main nightclubs in the area begin to come to life.

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